Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey, howdy, hey!

We are the Pinup Gamer and we will be your gamer guide to most all things geek! Here you will find videos, articles, memes, etc. on gaming, TV shows, new releases, etc. There will be scheduled Twitch streams and new videos updated frequently! Just a warning...  Some of the games we play are already considered ancient because we own and FREQUENTLY play on PS3, NES, SNES, xbox 360, tabletop, etc.!!!!! I know! Gasp, right? We also do not subscribe to the "[-insert gaming platform here-] master race" mindset. Gasp again! We are here to be the every-man's source for gaming information and entertainment! =)
So join us and let us boldly go! 

-The Pinup Gamer Team

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