Monday, May 30, 2016

GURPS Character Creation: Just the basics! Part 1

So, you want to play GURPS? It looks so fun and you are super confident in your imagination but, uh-oh, you don't have a character!! Whatever will you do?!
I am here to help!
First things first...
Before any character creation points are even brought into the picture...
Who are you?

The best way to build your character is to create a backstory! If you are interested in playing GURPS, you probably already have a crazy awesome imagination! Use that big, beautiful brain to write a brief story about who you are and what your life has been like up until the point you enter the game! This can (and most likely will) be based largely upon the campaign parameters and any restrictions or requests made by your GM (Game Master).
Got that part done?
Awesome! You rock!

Now comes the fun part.
You now get to browse the GURPS Basic Set book's chapters on Advantages, Disadvantages, Skills,and Magic to see what fits your character and backstory! 
I recommend making a list of what you want to have for your character! 
**Protip: write the point cost next to each advantage/disadvantage/skill/magic so that you can easily keep track of how much you are using and prioritize accordingly!**

Time to get to the sheet!!
First, let us take a nice long gander at the first page of that beauty...

Under that phenomenal logo you will see the boxes for your basic attributes (Strength [ST], Dexterity [DX], Intelligence [IQ], and Health [HT]). These you get 10 points in each for free!
Go ahead and slap some 10's on that baby! 
10 is the point value for a basic, average, every-man human being. 
You can add points to your basic attributes to make yourself better in a certain area but it will cost you character points! It costs 10 character points to upgrade your ST or HT one level (example: it costs 10 character points to upgrade your ST from level 10 to level 11). It costs 20 character points to upgrade your DX or IQ one level. 
You can subtract a level of ST or HT for -10 character points and a level of DX or IQ for -20 character points! That means you get those 10 or 20 points to put toward something else!
Now let us say that you want extra character creation points and think that brains aren't exactly the most important thing to your character. (You'll leave the thinking to your campaign companions).
You can bring your IQ down to level 8 for -40 character points.
Go ahead and tack those 40 points onto your spendable point total!
Go you!
The downside is that you are below average in that certain attribute.

These attributes will be used to figure out the boxes next to those (Hit Points [HP], Will Power [Will], Perception [Per], and Fatigue Points [FP]).
But that will wait until next time! 
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Until next time, boldly go!

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