Monday, December 4, 2017

My Life As An Interactive NPC and other such tomfoolery...

Hey there, Gamelings!
It's been a long time... I know. 
I am doing a complete restructuring and re-branding of the blog (including all of our cool new accounts for you to binge-view)!
Unfortunately, however, this isn't a sing-along blog
or maybe it is...
I don't know your life.

To be completely honest with you all, I have been writing, deleting, and rewriting this entry for the longest time. There has been a serious overhaul here at The Pinup Gamer. The most noticeable (on my end) is that I am now the only contributor to this conglomeration of a blog, website, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram.
I won't get too weepy about it but, having lost my contributors and friends, I thought, "Hey.... can I really do this? It's a lot to take on..."
And it is.
That is just how things are, now.
Finger Moment GIF by funk

I am back and I am ready to commit myself to this.
I got inspiration from someone a while ago...
it was actually when I was part of a panel at the convention I had previously written about. She was next to me on the panel and as we were introducing ourselves, I mentioned that I am the creator of, and main (now only) contributor to, The Pinup Gamer.
She turned to me with wide eyes and said, "OMG! I've read your blog! It's awesome!"

cat omg GIF

I had never met this woman before in my life.
That, mind you, was ages ago... but that is something that is still a source of motivation for me. Whether you comment, like, share, or do none of those things...
You are out there.
You are reading this.
You exist and you are taking the time out to read what I think about nerdy things.
You might care... you might not.
That doesn't matter to me.
What matters is that you are here in this wonderful, vast, sandbox of a reality and you are all players in this game!
I will be your favourite interactive NPC.
I will be here to provide you with information and such.
Let me help you along your extraordinary quest line and perhaps you will share with me your coin eventually.

So I'm back.
I made it through.
Expect to see some new content coming soon!
Also, don't forget to check and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow me on Twitch to make sure you never miss a live stream or video!!!

 I guess that's about it until next time, gamelings!
Thanks for sticking around and thank you for reading!
I will see you all in the next post or on my channels!

Until next time,

-Tish Terror

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