Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tokyo, and our hearts, will never be the same again....again...

Armed with a huge tail and tiny arms, Godzilla is stomping his way into our hearts again.
You'll recall that, quite a while back, Godzilla took a mighty detour into weirdzville.
Not that it was ever not...weird...

Looking more like a Stegosaurus had a baby with a T-Rex and it came out with Bruce Campbell's jawline...

bruce campbell groovy evil dead ash

 Godzilla terrorized America's sweetheart, Matthew Broderick. 

reaction godzilla matthew broderick Roland Emmerich godzilla 1998

Then, many years later, Godzilla got revamped!
It went to some sort of giant mutant lizard rehab!
It started to look more like itself again and we were all so proud of it!

godzilla jeff goldblum godzilla 2014 jeff goldblum introduces godzilla

Now Godzilla has been once again updated!
Looking more like itself than ever, Godzilla is back with us in:

Godzilla Resurgence!
(I see a "Resurgence" trend catching on... hmmm....)

godzilla godzilla resurgence movie trailer

Those beady little eyes are staring into our souls, gamelings...
our. very. souls.
Those tiny arms...
That enormous tail...
Those cactus-like back spikes...
That skin texture...

These are all features reminiscent of the original Godzilla.

commercial thumbs up godzilla snickers good luck

This movie will be in Japanese theaters on July 29th, 2016!!

So, to our Japanese gamelings, WE ARE SO JEALOUS!!!

Check out the new trailer here:

What do you think of Godzilla's new-old look?
Leave us a comment telling us just how you feel!


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