Friday, July 8, 2016

Left 4 Dead 3? Could it be??

Now, if you are familiar with Valve, you are probably familiar with their phobia of the number 3!
doom the croods dun dun dun dun dun dunnn

Well it would seem that a valve employee has "accidentally" leaked a peek at a file in a now fixed tutorial that shows a possibility for Left 4 Dead 3 in our future.

Here we see the image as it WAS in the tutorial:

And here is how it is now:

Don't see it? Look to the menu at the left...

There y'go.

Now the questions remain: 
Was this just a plan the employee had that he was going to pitch to the bigwigs at Valve?
Was there actually a Left 4 Dead 3 in the works that got scrapped? (past news suggests it is likely)
Is this just Valve rubbing our noses in the shit they took on our hearts?

We'll have to wait and see...
Although 3 is an awfully high number for them to count to...

full house bitch please pout say what? c'mon

Source: GamezoneValve

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